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“at leisure”, or “free time” – meaning – ‘time free from the demands of work, duty, or daily chores, when one can rest, enjoy hobbies, or sports, etc.’

The global trend the last decade or so, is for realising which things are truly important – and spending quality time doing exactly this, with families, loved-ones and friends. @Leisure defines these ‘good living experiences’ for discerning people, by offering tried and tested choices to make life fun, without wasting time.

Transporting our readers to sipping an exotic sundowner on a tropical island, shopping up a storm in a foreign city, laughing with a friend at a new local restaurant, taking a hair-in-the-wind drive along a beach road, lazing on a yacht in the Mediterranean, or even a helicopter flip over the swamps in Botswana, all by sitting in their favourite arm chair, exploring. That is exactly what @Leisure - www.at-leisure.co.za is about.

@Leisure entices a zest for living life, no matter where they are, or what they are doing. Just to enjoy the experience and create memories with the help of @Leisure. From hopping off at international airports across the globe, to rough overland safari locations in sub-Saharan Africa, or taking a well-deserved spa treatment in Thailand, @Leisure spearheads good travel options for every budget. It even defines home-grown options, like inviting friends over for a meal, or a social drink.

@Leisure gets them to the right places, travel opportunities, as well as leisure and lifestyle choices they can use every day.

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